Your Social Security card is an important piece of identification. If you lose this card, you’re going to want to take some precautions.

Follow These Steps if Your Social Security Card has gone missing:

Report The Card Missing

You’ll want to report that the card is missing as soon as you possibly can. Call the Social Security Administration in your area and let them know that your card has been misplaced. If you suspect that the card was stolen, you should tell them that as well.

If you report that the card missing, it will be more difficult for anyone to use your information. The faster you act, the less likely it is that you’ll have to clean up messes at a later date. Call and report your card missing as soon as you can.

Apply For A New Card

Once you’ve reported that the card is missing, you’ll want to obtain a social security card online. In most cases, all you’ll have to do is fill out a brief form. From there, you can simply show photo ID to prove that you are who you say you are.

If your driver’s license has been lost as well, you may have to jump through a few more hoops in order to get a new card. However, you are entitled to receive multiple replacement cards every year. Apply for a new card right away. If you play your cards right, you won’t be without the card for long.

Cancel Your Credit Cards

In some cases, people may be able to use your Social Security card to gain access to your debit or credit cards. It’s a smart idea to cancel your current cards and ask for new ones. Being without your cards can be a bit of a hassle, but keeping your finances safe is definitely worth the extra headaches.

Once you’ve reported that your card is missing, calling and canceling cards should be your next step. Don’t assume that your cards are safe and secure. It always pays to take extra precautions.

Sign Up For An Identify Protection Service

There are a lot of things a person can do with your Social Security number. It can be difficult for you to keep track of all of this information on your own. An identity protection service will be able to watch out for potential problems.

These services know exactly what they should be looking for. If anyone tries to use your information, the service will notify you. They’ll make sure that no one is able to use your information without your consent.

Flag Your Credit Report

If someone has your Social Security card, they can apply for credit in your name. However, if you take the time to flag your report, you can ensure that their applications won’t be approved.

You can flag your credit report if you get in touch with a credit bureau. Make sure you get in touch with all three credit bureaus. That way, someone won’t be able to get any credit under your name.

You can remove the flag on your credit report at any time; you’ll have full control over the process. If you’re concerned about credit issues in the future, you can leave the flag up for as long as you need to.

Keep A Close Eye On Your Credit In The Future

Pay attention to what’s going on with your credit report. You may want to sign up for a credit monitoring service. That way, you won’t have to limit yourself to checking your credit once each year. You’ll be able to check it on a daily basis.

If you see an account you didn’t apply for on your credit report, you should file a dispute as soon as you can. If you put in a dispute, you should be able to have that information removed from your credit report so it won’t impact you in the future.

You don’t have to panic if you’ve lost your Social Security card. However, you should be prepared to deal with the problem. Make sure you protect yourself against identity theft and other potential issues. Do everything in your power to keep your information safe.