If you need a social security card due to not having one, loss, theft, or a name change, there are some important documents that you’ll require before you can request your new card. These documents must be the original documents, never a photocopy or a duplicate.

You can use a passport, drivers license, photo identification card, birth certificate, divorce decree or dissolution decree, marriage certificate or any other court document that you may have declaring a name change. Keep in mind, this must be a legal document and it must be the original or your request will not go through.

Go For Social Security Administration Website

After you ensure that you have the proper documents, you can go to the Social Security Administrations website and print off the form for a social security card. You’ll then need to fill this form out in its entirety and place all of your original documents and the request form into an envelope and mail it to your nearest Social Security Administration office.

The Social Security Administration is very good about returning your original documents to you. Once they’ve reviewed them to prove who you are, they will return them to you unharmed. After you receive them back, you should get a new card within a few short weeks.

Apply For New Card

If you prefer, you can go in person to the nearest Social Security office and take your documents with you in person. Keep in mind that if you don’t have an appointment, you may have a bit of a wait before you can apply for your new social security card. Even if you do have an appointment you may have to wait as there are times that an appointment may take longer than anticipated.

Once you’ve been in to see the Social Security Administration in person you’ll have to wait a few more weeks before you get your new social security card. Your new card will have the same number as your previous card, it will only have your new name as the difference if you’re ordering a card for a name change. If you’ve lost your card you’ll still have the same number as well.

If you’ve never before had a social security card you’ll be assigned a new number and that will be printed on your card. This will be your personal social security number for the rest of your life. Even if you marry, divorce, or change your name for any other reason you’ll still have the exact same number.

Keep Information Secure

Guard your social security number carefully. If you ever have your identity stolen it often includes your social security number so be sure to keep this in mind whenever you use it. You can’t get a new social security number, however, you can prove that you had your identity stolen and put this information in your personal credit files.

Social security numbers are used to identify you with your employer, the government, hospitals, medical clinics and other places of business that must keep track of a lot of people. They identify who you are and a bit of information about you.

The Social Security Administrations website lists all of the information that you’ll require regarding your social security card. If you have to get a new card, order a replacement, or simply have some questions to answer most of the answers are right there on their website.

Know The Important Things Regarding Social Security Card

You can also look up what you’ll receive for your social security if you use a projected age for retirement. Just as no two people are alike, no two social security numbers are alike. Each number is as individual as a person.

The Social Security Administration will never charge you a fee for your social security card. There are other websites out there that will charge a fee to get you a social security card. Some of these websites are fraudulent and may even steal your identity. Keep this in mind when you’re ordering online. Always ensure that you’re on the legitimate¬†social security card form ss-5,¬†Social Security Administration site and avoid the potential chance to have to prove who you are to another company due to an identity theft. Getting your social security card is easy if you follow these steps.