Name changes are often necessary on Social Security cards for reasons of marriage, a misprint on the card or simply if you want to change your name for personal reasons. Follow these steps to apply for a name change on your Social Security card:

Step 1 – Where To Go?

You can apply for a name change at your local Social Security office. Unfortunately, online name changes are not accepted. It is advisable to visit your nearest Social Security office.

Step 2 – Application Form

You can get and complete the application for a name change at your Social Security office. Alternatively, print out the documents from online form and complete them before going to the Social Security office. Remember that only an original application forms will be accepted.

Step 3 – Supporting Documentation

You will need to bring along the following items and documents in order to apply for a name change:

– Your existing Social Security Card. This card will be destroyed once the name change has taken place.
– Proof of U.S. Citizenship in the form of a U.S. birth certificate or passport.
– Documents supporting the legality of the name change. For example, a marriage certificate, divorce decree, naturalization certificate or court order.
– Proof of identification in the form of a driver’s license, state issued I.D. card or U.S. passport. If you do not have these documents, an employee identification card, a school or student identification card and/or medical insurance card. A military I.D. card can also be used.

It is very important to stress that you should apply for a name change on your Social Security card as soon as possible after changing your name. Failing to do so can have disadvantages and prevent you from accessing Social Security services in the future until the name change has been affected.