EIN Application Online And How To Apply

The employer identification number (EIN) happens to be a unique number, which is issued by the internal revenue service (IRS). This distinctive number has been designed to facilitate for hassle-free and convenient tax administration by this government agency. Ideally, EIN plays a critical role in the reporting and the filing of tax statements.

It is a nine digit number that that the IRS issues, and it is used to determine the exact accounts of employers. As well as those business organizations which do not have any employees. As such, employers are required by the law to make use of EIN on all the documents they dispatch to the IRS and also the social security authority (SSA).

To make the process even easier for employers and business establishments, there is now the EIN application online that can be completed by visiting the official website of the IRS; irs.gov.

This website offers a simplistic and user-friendly computer program. Which has been specifically designed to offer a helping hand to those individual and business organizations that wish to obtain this critical number in a convenient and a markedly stress-free manner.

Who exactly is eligible to apply for EIN through the online application?

As would be expected not everybody is eligible to obtain EIN, despite of this service been provided totally free of charge. To begin with, this IRS number can only be issued to individuals or business organization whose business premises and offices are located within the US and its given territories.

Additionally, the principal officer, owner, trustor, grantor of business establishments which wish to obtain EIN must possess a valid taxpayer number and social security number.

These given guidelines are mandatory for any individual who wished to make use of the EIN application online, or for that matter any other process of accessing this service. At the same time, all applicants are restricted to making a single EIN application for every responsible individual per each day.

This particular guideline has been specifically put in place to ensure fair and equitable “treatment” of all taxpayers who apply for this service. And it has been in force since the month of May the year 2012.

How is the EIN application process executed?

Also, the process of applying for The EIN through the internet requires the user to fully complete the application form in just a single online session. Unlike most other applications of this nature, you cannot be able to save a half filled EIN application form and expect to return to complete it at a later period of time.

In the EIN application online a session soon expires if the user is, for one reason or the other, inactive for more than fifteen minutes. This certainly means that should you be inactive for more than this duration of time, you will be obliged to start the application process all over again, from scratch.

When can you use the EIN you have obtained online from the official IRS website?

Finally, it is very important to note that the EIN happens to be a permanent number in nature. Once you successfully obtain it via the internet, you can make use of it almost immediately in a wide variety of business transactions.

This includes opening a business bank account, applying for a business license and even when it comes to filing your tax returns through the mail.

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Nevertheless, you should also take note of the critical fact that the EIN application online necessitate at least two weeks for the number to be integrated into your given IRS permanent records.

This definitely means that there are several vital transactions you cannot possibly make until this duration of time elapses. This includes been able to file electronic tax returns, executing any electronic payment for any product or service you may have obtained.

Lastly, you will not be able to be eligible for the IRS taxpayer identification number (TIN)’s matching program until this two week period has expired.

As you can evidently see, the EIN number is extremely critical for both employers and the business organizations they represent. This makes it all more necessary to settle for a means of obtaining this critical number in a stress-free and highly convenient manner. Which makes the EIN application online certainly a godsend for those individuals who may not have the time to utilize the telephone, fax or mail to apply for it.