Your social security card is an important legal document that will help you obtain employment, open a bank account or collect social security benefits in Hawaii. That’s why it is important to replace a lost or stolen social security card in a timely fashion. If not, it can affect many day to day functions of your life. Here is how you should replace your social security card in Hawaii.

SS Card Replacement

Obtain the SS-5 Application

The first step to replacing your lost social security card in Hawaii is to obtain the SS-5 application. This can be downloaded online and completed. It requires some basic information such as your name, address, date of birth, etc. You will need to determine the documents you need to apply for a new social security card in Hawaii. The documents required for the process may depend on various factors such as the age of the applicant, state of citizenship, and the type of application. For instance, U.S born citizens will not require the same documents as non-citizens. You have to submit the original documents or certified copies of the originals. Photocopies or notarized copies are not acceptable for this purpose.

Submit Application to SSA

Once you have collected the required documents and completed the SS-5 application, submit them to the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) local office in Hawaii. This could be done in person or by postal mail. Regardless of the method, you choose to submit your application it may take between 10-14 days to receive a new social security card. On the other hand, if you are non-U.S. citizens, the time frame for receiving the replaced card might be much longer.

The aforementioned article provides a comprehensive overview of the process of replacing a lost, stolen or destroyed social security card in Hawaii, in the United States of America.

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