It typically takes no longer than a week for a change of address to be processed and in effect with the USPS. That time can vary, meaning it might not take quite as long, especially if you are just moving to a new address locally. The majority of moves are local, but perhaps you are moving to another city in the same state or even out of state. That happens quite often, too, and the USPS is going to be able to process and put that change of address into effect in a matter of a week.

Visit USPS Office Or Fill The Form Online

While that is quite fast, you also want to take into consideration the fact that it does take time. This means you handle the change of address at least a week in advance, and you can do so by the way using the USPS website. It’s quite a lot easier than actually going to the post office. Are you moving permanently? If so, that’s the end of the story for you because you will soon have that change of address submitted and will have your mail forwarded in a week or less. If you are submitting a temporary change of address, however, you might be wondering just how long the USPS will forward your mail.

A temporary change of address is any amount of time that is less than one full year. If you aren’t quite sure on the date just yet, you can even set it out a full year in advance, and then you can cancel it later or edit the date. It’s up to you how you want to handle those matters, but the USPS forwards mail for up to a year after a temporary change of address has been submitted. That is for most of your mail, but there are a couple of exceptions.

Magazines And Periodicals

Those two exceptions are magazines and periodicals. If you have packages, those packages will still be forwarded for the entire year, as will express mail. So what is the holdup on the magazines and periodicals? Well, the USPS says that they will forward those for two months or 60 days. That is just one of the rules that they have in place, and it is good to know ahead of time.

Now you are ready to submit your temporary change of address. You know it is good for up to one full year, so you can figure out the back end later. You also know that it will take about a week for it go into effect, so line that up with the time that you will be departing.

Submit Temporary Change Of Address

I didn’t even think about submitting a temporary change of address when I took off on my working vacation and to visit family over the Christmas season. I suppose I will think about that the next time around. You can handle your change of address this time right now, and soon your mail will be forwarded. It helps knowing that you aren’t going to have any hangups when it comes to receiving your mail. Find details at