A social security card comes with a number that is unique for everyone. Using this vital document, you gain an access to the government benefits and you can perform various transactions that require this form of a card. Unfortunately, you lost it. It can be so frustrating especially you are just about to use the card at the moment.

Steps To Replace Your Security Card

Here is to give you an insight on how to replace your social security card. All you must do is follow the step-by-step process and provide the important documents asked by the authority.

– Know What The Requirements Are

This is the initial step to take when trying to get a new card for your lost Social Security Card. Gather the necessary documents such as the driver’s license, non-driver identification card (issued by the state), or a passport (US) for identity proof. There are also instances when you need to show proof of your current citizenship or a lawful non-citizen status through your passport or birth certificate.

Always remember that all these papers must be presented in original copy or certified copy by an issuing agency. Do not submit notarized copies or photocopies of these documents as they will not be accepted. Furthermore, a receipt presenting you get a document will not be valid as well.

– Go Online And Complete The Form

After the first step, the next thing to do is to print the Application form for your Social Security Card. Then, fill it out. Make sure you provide all the mandatory fields required to avoid delays in processing your application. Ask for some help from a person you trust regarding the information being asked for in the form.

– Choose What Method Of Submitting The Papers

The third step in this process is to decide whether you are going to submit the papers in person or you can just send them by e-mail. Check your documents before submission to guarantee that your application for Social Security Card replacement will be easy. If the location of the Social Security agency is close to your place, you may present the papers in person. This way, you are sure enough that the agency has received them safely.

– Present The Documents Immediately

One thing you should know when presenting your documents either via e-mail or in person is that there is the same time span for processing your application. Submit them as fast as you can.

Get A New Card To Replace Your Lost Or Damaged Card

Replacing your social security card should not be full of stress and hassle. Just follow the steps mentioned above to have a smooth flow of the process. If you have questions, an ideal action to take is to inquire from the Social Security management. This way, you prevent to have problems with your documents. Collect the necessary documents immediately after getting the list of requirements. For more information, visit the official website of Social Security. You will get a detailed list of what you should do. For more information visit here.